Snow Removal

Residential Driveway Snow Removal Services:

We offer residential driveway/sidewalk snow removal services in the Farmington, Lakeville, Apple Valley and Rosemount area only. We use truck mounted snow plows to remove the snow, along with snow blowers and shovels to clear the sidewalks. Salting services available upon request for an additional charge.

Service Area: Farmington, Lakeville, Apple Valley, Rosemount.

Contract Options: Seasonal Contracts (November 1st- April 1st), Per-Time Request.

Payment Plans: Pay for the season in full or split contract cost in to two payments. Check, Cash or Card (credit card transactions will have an additional 3.5% fee)

Snowfall Trigger: 1.5" or greater.

Clear Time: Within 12 hours of snowfall ending.

*Do you fly south for the winter months? Ask us about the special snowbird pricing!

Snow Roof

Raking Services:

Snow roof raking services are available all across the south metro area. Roof raking is an important task to prevent ice damns from forming. Service includes: raking a 3 foot minimum, from the gutters up off the roof line to expose the shingles. The sun will warm up the exposed shingles and melt away any snow and ice that may be forming. Keeping up with roof raking can save you thousands of dollars on ice damn removal services or even restoration services in the event of worse case scenario. Contact us to get your roof raking pricing.

Service Area: The Greater South Metro Area

Additional Snow

Removal Services:

We can also help you clear out the following snow covered areas...

- Sidewalks

- Mailboxes

- Fire hydrants

- Utility Zones

- And other special request!

Service Area: The Greater South Metro Area