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Washing Your Residential Home

Your home is one of your greatest investments. We at Top Hat Services want to help you protect your investments by providing a top notch exterior cleaning service. Our house washing process is the safest and most effective method in the industry to clean your house siding. Whether it's vinyl, stucco or brick... we have a solution for you!

Instead of using high intensity pressure washing to clean your house siding... we use a technique called "soft washing". This technique allows us to use a detergent to remove any mold, algae, mildew, dirt, cobwebs and then rinse it off gently with clean water. This prevents your siding from being damaged due to high pressures. The results are amazing and are guaranteed to make your house look much brighter and cleaner.

House Washing Services in MN

Our Process For House Washing

  1. Provide the home owner with a free estimate.

  2. Upon approval we then discuss a scheduled date and time.

  3. We arrive to your home on time. Greeting you at the door and discussing our job duties for the day. (Walk through if needed)

  4. Equipment is then unloaded and hooked up.

  5. We examine the landscape and fixtures around the house, noting any delicate plants, potentially open windows, yard furniture that may need moved.

  6. When everything is ready to go we will proceed to protect any plants and items around the house.

  7. Apply our unique soft wash solution to the house siding.

  8. Wait a moment to let our solution do its magic. Removing any unwanted algae, mildew, dirt, cobwebs, mold, etc...

  9. Wash and rinse the siding with water.

  10. Enjoy the results to a much cleaner and brighter home!

The Benefits of Soft Washing

  • Low pressure reduces the chances of damaging your property.

  • Detergents disinfect your home helping protect your exterior.

  • Mold, mildew, algae, dirt, cobwebs, etc.. are all killed and removed from your home allowing your exterior to stay cleaner longer.

  • Cleaner and brighter exterior due to our cleaning detergents.

  • Improved curb appeal for all to enjoy.


House Washing in Apple Valley, MN

Algae on house
Mold on house

Algae removal completed in

Lakeville, MN

Mold removal completed in

Farmington, MN

Cobwebs on house

Cobweb removal completed in

Eagan, MN

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